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The current version is 0.1.9. It is expected to work with the following system configurations:

The latest version of XiphQT for Windows is 0.1.5 and it requires:

For more details on features and changes see release notes.

Additional information on some minor installation issues that may happen can be found in the XiphQT FAQ.

Xiph QuickTime Components binary packages

Download linkSizeMD5 checksum
XiphQT 0.1.9 (Mac OS X) 1.0MB f8289dce000efb12102462b30731a088
XiphQT 0.1.9 (Mac OS X, only decoders) 605kB fc955efec0e034c247a8751896358b11
XiphQT 0.1.5 (Windows) 229kB 697eb065a3e8f5b8f5b3cf5be2afa33f

Source code

Download linkSizeMD5 checksum
XiphQT 0.1.9 - source code 225kB 5a721b271893dcf3f2b0d3eb66a8c7fe
XiphQT 0.1.5 - source code 140kB d53f638343f168c1f61fa28277288c6a

The source code of the Xiph libraries can be found on the main Xiph download page.

Development snapshots

Recent development and experimental builds can be found here.


The components' source code is also available in a public on-line repository. For information on the SVN repository access see the development page.

Other versions

Older releases not listed on this page anymore can be accessed directly from the download directory.