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Report problems.

If you think XiphQT behaves incorrectly on your machine and would like to let us know - this is the place to do it.

Please consider a couple of hints when reporting the problem:

  • Please check the XiphQT FAQ page - it covers some of the most common problems and questions you may have.
  • It is possible that other users have experienced and reported a problem similar to yours. Please check the list of the known problems. You can also search the report database using a simple search form. If the problem you experience seems to be unique or you think you may be able to add some significant information to the previous reports - please do report it.
  • More detailed information will help us to resolve the problem faster. Especially useful is information about your system configuration, steps to reproduce the (mis)behaviour and, in extreme cases when the QT Components cause an application crash, a crash backtrace log (which on OS X can usually be found in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter directory, in the file with the name corresponding to the name of the crashed application).

Please follow this link to submit your report. Thank you.

For other methods of contacting us please see developer and contact pages.