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Version 0.85.17777

12 January, 2011

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Version 0.85.17766

19 December, 2010

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Note that due to upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 and by the presence of a Vorbis showstopper bug this release does not include a Windows Mobile package.

Version 0.84.17359

4 August, 2010

This release adds decoding support for Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.5. Seeking is disabled for Ogg Vorbis, Theora and Speex. WebM/VP8 is not supported, and, there are no arm assembly optimizations (theorarm) in this release.

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Version 0.84.17338

20 July, 2010

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Version 0.84.17315

30 June, 2010

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Version 0.83.17220

16 May, 2010

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Version 0.82.16930

22 February, 2010

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Version 0.81.15562

6 December, 2008

More bugfixes, particularly to Theora and FLAC. Added support for Windows x64 versions.

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Version 0.80.15039

14 June, 2008

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Version 0.73.1936

21 October, 2006

This version mainly exposes encoding options for all the codecs as COM interfaces, and as property pages (viewable in graphedit). Still needs more testing and error checking. Fixed a bug with flac that caused silence when a track automatically repeated. The aspect ratio handling in theora is now correct, the channel order in vorbis is now correct. And now explorer has the "Add to WMP playlist" option, which other media files have in their right-click menu.

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Version 0.72.1838

17 September, 2006

Major changes in this version include, updating all the code to Visual Studio 2005. There is now a "working" port for Windows Mobile 5.0 as at this revision, this is not yet released. Many minor bugixes and compatability fixes, dependancy updates, speed increases, unicode support, improved installer.

Some major work was done to maintain Windows 9X/ME support while properly supporting unicode. If you use or have an interest in the maintaining of support for these obsolete operating systems, please let me know whether they are working for you.

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Version 0.71.0946

24 February, 2006

More bugfixes, particularly to theora. See 0.70 release for more details about recent changes. Docs and source package will be updated on the weekend, there's no major changes there from 0.70. This version is fairly stable now it seems.

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Version 0.70.0827

16 February, 2006

Wow... has it been a whole year :) Yes, this project is still alive! There's a fair bit of new code, so if you have problems you might want to try the history page and get version 0.69. One notable thing that this new version does not do correctly, is it no longer handles chained icecast streams, but it handles streaming static files on a server much better. The previous solution for icecast was a real hack which is no longer possible, it will be fixed properly fairly soon.

I'm releasing now, because otherwise you'll be waiting forever! Releases should be coming much more frequently hopefully. As always, email me your bugs and feature requests. The unicode filenames will be fixed as soon as I can, sorry, I keep putting that one off.

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Version 0.69.8924

15 February, 2005

Lots of bufixes, especially memory leaks and memory management. Along with a new installer based on NSIS, which is just click-and-run.

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Version 0.68.8333

6 December, 2004

Mainly bugfixes.

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