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Xiph.Org development projects are available to the public at large through read-only remote Subversion access of the developers' live source repositories. This access gives external contributers access to all the infomation, code and history available to our own core developers.

You can browse the source repository through the web.

You can also use the enhanced interface to browse the source repository.

What is Subversion?

Subversion is a version control system that is a replacement for CVS. If you want to know more about Subversion, we suggest you read the Subversion Book or the FAQ.

Accessing Subversion at Xiph.Org

These instructions assume that Subversion is already installed and generally configured on your host. Note that the anonymous Subversion access offered here is read-only; the repository will not accept anonymous commits.

To checkout a module:

svn co http://svn.xiph.org/module

This command creates a subdirectory and downloads the code from the repository in the new directory. See below for a list of modules.

To update a module:

svn update module

This command updates your repository to the newest revision.


icecast Icecast streaming server
websites Code for xiph.org and theora.org
trunk/BlueberryArmageddon A CD ripper, written in Perl.
trunk/MTG MTG is a script to turn PCM files into wav files
trunk/Tremor The source code to the integer-only Ogg Vorbis decode library named 'Tremor'.
trunk/ao The source code to libao, used by some vorbis utilities.
trunk/ao-python Python bindings to libao.
trunk/cdparanoia The source code to cdparanoia and Paranoia-III.
trunk/dryice Source code for DryIce, a live Ogg stream source client.
trunk/ezstream Source code of ezstream, a command line utility to stream Ogg or mp3 to icecast.
trunk/ffmpeg2theora The source of a video converter from MPEG to theora.
trunk/masktest The source code to a package that collects masking data from a user by running listening experiments.
trunk/mgm The source code to MGM, a status/load meter package written in Perl.
trunk/ogg The source code to libogg.
trunk/ogg-python Python bindings for libogg.
trunk/ogg-tools The source code to various command line utilities for other types of Ogg files.
trunk/ogg2 The source code to libogg2
trunk/py-ogg2 Python bindings for libogg2
trunk/oggdsf Ogg Directshow Filters for Speex, Vorbis, Theora and FLAC
trunk/oggds Old OggVorbis DirectShow filter collection
trunk/positron Positron is a synchronization tool for the Neuros portable music player.
trunk/postfish The Postfish is a digital audio post-processing, restoration, filtering and mixdown tool.
trunk/shout-perl Perl bindings for libshout.
trunk/shout-python Python bindings for libshout.
trunk/snatch Source code of snatch, a RealPlayer output recorder.
trunk/speex The source code to the Speex low-bitrate voice-only audio codec.
trunk/tarkin The source code to the original Tarkin video CODEC source experiment.
trunk/theora The source code to the Theora video CODEC project.
trunk/theora-tools The source code to various command line OggTheora utilities
trunk/vorbis The source code to libvorbis, libvorbisfile, libvorbisenc and example code.
trunk/vorbis-java The source code and binaries for Ogg Vorbis encoder ported from C to native java based on libvorbis-1.1.2 and libogg-1-1.3.
trunk/vorbis-plugins The source code to a few OggVorbis player plugins.
trunk/vorbis-python Python bindings for libvorbis, libvorbisfile and libvorbisenc.
trunk/vorbis-tools The source code to various command line OggVorbis utilities.
trunk/vorbose The source code for a Vorbis I header/stream information dump tool
trunk/vp32 The source code to ON2's VP3.2 video codec, which became Theora.
trunk/w3d The source code to another Tarkin video CODEC source experiment.
trunk/win32-tools Source code for Windows Ogg tools.
trunk/win32sdk Source code for Windows Ogg development SDK.
trunk/writ Source code of OggWrit, a format for encoding subtitles.