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libTheora 1.1 alpha 1 release: next-generation 'Thusnelda' encoder

Xiph.Org is pleased to announce the first alpha release of the rewrite of the Xiph.Org reference encoder for the Theora video format, codename "Thusnelda".

Please download, test and give us feedback!

This is an alpha release consisting of substantially new code, and so may be unstable. We're making it more widely available at this point to facilitate wider testing and flush out unknown issues. The primary change is a completely rewritten encoder with vastly improved quality vs. bitrate in the default VBR/constant-quality mode, and better tracking of the target bitrate in CBR/ABR modes. There are some minor changes to the decoder and examples, but the new encoder is the reason to try out this release.

As this is an alpha release intended to get new code into the hands of testers as quickly as possible, it is shipping with a few known caveats that are being fixed:

Development work for this is still on a separate branch, and will remain so until we have some of the build and code reorganization issues settled. If you're curious to track the ongoing development, please 'svn checkout http://svn.xiph.org/branches/theora-thusnelda/'.

Thanks, and happy hacking!

This release continues Open and Free Software's commitment to accessible media and the public interest. Open video matters! Xiph.Org would also like to extend thanks to Red Hat, Inc., Wikimedia, and the Mozilla Foundation for lending mindshare, developers and funding:

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