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libVorbis 1.2.2: release candidate 1 announced

Xiph.Org is pleased to announce a release candidate of libvorbis-1.2.2. This is primarily a bugfix release to push out many fixes, some of which have been in SVN for a long time but haven't warranted their own release mainly due to being picked up asynchronously by distributions. Aside from the arcane bugfix list in the SVN logs, this release includes a few new bugfixes that languished due to lack of any screaming, as well as some nice seeking-related performance inprovements to libvorbisfile.

This release has been a long time in the making, and for that reason we do not expect any additional changes or fixes prior to the release candidate being granted full release status in a week or two. Nevertheless, the possibility of a last minute screwup always exists, please test this prerelease and contact us if anything is amiss.

Work has already begun on the next two libvorbis releases. The approximate roadmap is: the async error interface just added to libogg will be the next change to libvorbis, and will be the basis of the 1.2.3 release. AoTuV merges are scheduled for immediately after and will form the basis of 1.3.0.

The 1.2.2 release candidate 1 is available at the usual place, http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/vorbis/

Happy hacking!


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