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positron: the synchronization manager for the Neuros Audio Computer


This is the home of positron, the synchronization manager for the Neuros Audio Computer. This software is primarily intended to support Linux, but will probably be portable to other POSIX systems such as OS X and the BSDs. Currently there are USB protocol issues with OS X, so please don’t try it there yet.

Vorbis support

Vorbis support is now standard on current Neuros firmwares, so positron will default to enabling Vorbis support. You will still need to do the following:

Latest Release: 1.1

This release includes proper track sorting for albums and much improved MP3 detection. We recommend you run positron rebuild to fix the sorting. Check out the ChangeLog for a complete list of updates.

Source Downloads

positron-1.1.tar.gz - Source Tarball

Binary Downloads

RPM-based systems


Subversion Access

Xiph.org has transitioned from CVS to Subversion for version control. You can find code checkout instructions here.

Bugs, Contact, Etc

Please report bugs at bugs.xiph.org against the positron product.

Discussion and support on the Neurosetta mailing list

There will also be discussion of positron on the NeurosAudio.com forums.

Old Releases

Version 1.0 Final
positron-1.0-1.noarch.rpm - RPM file
positron-1.0-1.src.rpm - Source RPM
positron-1.0.tar.gz - Source Tarball
Version 1.0 Beta 2
positron-1.0b2-1.noarch.rpm - RPM file
positron-1.0b2-1.src.rpm - Source RPM
positron-1.0b2.tar.gz - Source Tarball
Version 1.0 Beta 1
positron-1.0b1-1.noarch.rpm - RPM file
positron-1.0b1-1.src.rpm - Source RPM
positron-1.0b1.tar.gz - Source Tarball