Positron User's Guide: Version 1.0

Positron is a synchronization tool for the Neuros portable music player. Positron allows you to individually add and delete tracks from a Neuros, as well as synchronize it with a directory tree of music, all from the command line. This document will teach you how to install and use positron.

Why Do I Need Positron?

This is a common question. As far as your computer is concerned, a Neuros is just an external USB hard disk, following the USB Mass Storage standard. No custom drivers are needed. You can copy any sort of file, music or otherwise, onto the Neuros. However, only files that are listed in a special database stored on the Neuros will be playable. This is what positron does. It will both physically copy files and update the Neuros database so those files are playable. If you copy music to the Neuros using cp or a filemanager, it will not be shown in the song listings.

This manual is divided into the following sections:

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