FLAC  1.3.1
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#include <metadata.h>

Inheritance diagram for FLAC::Metadata::Prototype:
FLAC::Metadata::Application FLAC::Metadata::CueSheet FLAC::Metadata::Padding FLAC::Metadata::Picture FLAC::Metadata::SeekTable FLAC::Metadata::StreamInfo FLAC::Metadata::Unknown FLAC::Metadata::VorbisComment

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Prototype ()
bool is_valid () const
bool get_is_last () const
::FLAC__MetadataType get_type () const
unsigned get_length () const
void set_is_last (bool)
 operator const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata * () const
bool operator== (const Prototype &) const
bool operator== (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &) const
bool operator== (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *) const
bool operator!= (const Prototype &) const
bool operator!= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &) const
bool operator!= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *) const

Protected Member Functions

 Prototype (const Prototype &)
 Prototype (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &)
 Prototype (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *)
 Prototype (::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy)
Prototypeassign_object (::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy)
virtual void clear ()
Prototypeoperator= (const Prototype &)
Prototypeoperator= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &)
Prototypeoperator= (const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *)

Protected Attributes



class SimpleIterator
class Iterator

Detailed Description

Base class for all metadata block types. See the overview for more.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::Prototype ( ::FLAC__StreamMetadata object,
bool  copy 

Constructs an object with copy control. When copy is true, behaves identically to FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::Prototype(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object). When copy is false, the instance takes ownership of the pointer and the FLAC__StreamMetadata object will be freed by the destructor.

object != NULL
virtual FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::~Prototype ( )

Deletes the underlying FLAC__StreamMetadata object.

Member Function Documentation

Prototype& FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::operator= ( const Prototype )
Prototype& FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::operator= ( const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata )

Assign from another object. Always performs a deep copy.

Prototype& FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::operator= ( const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata )

Assign from another object. Always performs a deep copy.

Prototype& FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::assign_object ( ::FLAC__StreamMetadata object,
bool  copy 
virtual void FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::clear ( )

Deletes the underlying FLAC__StreamMetadata object.

bool FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::get_is_last ( ) const

Returns true if this block is the last block in a stream, else false.

::FLAC__MetadataType FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::get_type ( ) const

Returns the type of the block.

unsigned FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::get_length ( ) const

Returns the stream length of the metadata block.

The length does not include the metadata block header, per spec.
void FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::set_is_last ( bool  )

Sets the "is_last" flag for the block. When using the iterators it is not necessary to set this flag; they will do it for you.


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