FLAC  1.3.1
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FLAC__StreamMetadata Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Attributes

FLAC__MetadataType type
FLAC__bool is_last
unsigned length
union {
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_StreamInfo   stream_info
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_Padding   padding
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_Application   application
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_SeekTable   seek_table
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_VorbisComment   vorbis_comment
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet   cue_sheet
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_Picture   picture
   FLAC__StreamMetadata_Unknown   unknown

Detailed Description

FLAC metadata block structure. (c.f. format specification)

Member Data Documentation

FLAC__MetadataType FLAC__StreamMetadata::type

The type of the metadata block; used determine which member of the data union to dereference. If type >= FLAC__METADATA_TYPE_UNDEFINED then data.unknown must be used.

FLAC__bool FLAC__StreamMetadata::is_last

true if this metadata block is the last, else false

unsigned FLAC__StreamMetadata::length

Length, in bytes, of the block data as it appears in the stream.

union { ... } FLAC__StreamMetadata::data

Polymorphic block data; use the type value to determine which to use.

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