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libogg release 1.3.4 - 20190830


declared in "ogg/ogg.h";

This function attempts to assemble a raw data packet and returns it without advancing decoding.

In a typical situation, this would be called speculatively after ogg_stream_pagein() to check the packet contents before handing it off to a codec for decompression. To advance page decoding and remove the packet from the sync structure, call ogg_stream_packetout().

int ogg_stream_packetpeek(ogg_stream_state *os,ogg_packet *op);


Pointer to a previously declared ogg_stream_state struct. Before this function is called, an ogg_page should be submitted to the stream using ogg_stream_pagein().
Pointer to the next packet available in the bitstream, if any. A NULL value may be passed in the case of a simple "is there a packet?" check.

Return Values

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libogg documentation

libogg release 1.3.4 - 20190830