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libao version 1.2.0 - 201401271


declared in "ao/plugin.h";

Initialize the private device data structures. Memory should be allocated, and default values set if necessary, but devices should not be opened until ao_plugin_open() is called.

Drivers that wish to support automatic surround channel mapping should set device->output_matrix_order to one of:

In addition, a driver may set device->output_matrix to the list of possible output channels in order. Note that even AO_OUTPUT_MATRIX_PERMUTABLE drivers usually have a fixed numbering scheme for channels even if the channels may be sent in any order. A driver that is unable to set an output matrix without inspecting the input sample format (for example, the roar driver), may set device->output_matrix_order to AO_OUTPUT_MATRIX_FIXED and delay channel mapping initialization until ao_plugin_open().

int ao_plugin_device_init(ao_device *device);


Pointer to pre-allocated device structure. The driver should store the address of its private memory in device->internal.

Return Values

  • 1 indicates success.
  • 0 indicates failure, probably due to memory allocation problems. ao_plugin_device_clear() should be called to ensure the deallocate of all private data structures.

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    libao documentation

    libao version 1.2.0 - 201401271