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libogg release 1.3.4 - 20190830


declared in "ogg/ogg.h";

This function is used to check the error or readiness condition of an ogg_sync_state structure.

It is safe practice to ignore unrecoverable errors (such as an internal error caused by a malloc() failure) returned by ogg stream synchronization calls. Should an internal error occur, the ogg_sync_state structure will be cleared (equivalent to a call to ogg_sync_clear) and subsequent calls using this ogg_sync_state will be noops. Error detection is then handled via a single call to ogg_sync_check at the end of the operational block.

int ogg_sync_check(ogg_sync_state *oy);


Pointer to a previously declared ogg_sync_state struct.

Return Values

  • 0 is returned if the ogg_sync_state structure is initialized and ready.
  • nonzero is returned if the structure was never initialized, or if an unrecoverable internal error occurred in a previous call using the passed in ogg_sync_state struct.

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    libogg release 1.3.4 - 20190830