FLAC  1.3.1
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FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track Struct Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Attributes

FLAC__uint64 offset
FLAC__byte number
char isrc [13]
unsigned type:1
unsigned pre_emphasis:1
FLAC__byte num_indices

Detailed Description

FLAC CUESHEET track structure. (See the format specification for the full description of each field.)

Member Data Documentation

FLAC__uint64 FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::offset

Track offset in samples, relative to the beginning of the FLAC audio stream.

FLAC__byte FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::number

The track number.

char FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::isrc[13]

Track ISRC. This is a 12-digit alphanumeric code plus a trailing NUL byte

unsigned FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::type

The track type: 0 for audio, 1 for non-audio.

unsigned FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::pre_emphasis

The pre-emphasis flag: 0 for no pre-emphasis, 1 for pre-emphasis.

FLAC__byte FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::num_indices

The number of track index points.

FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Index* FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track::indices

NULL if num_indices == 0, else pointer to array of index points.

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