libfishsound Documentation


FishSound, the sound of fish!

This is the documentation for the FishSound C API. FishSound provides a simple programming interface for decoding and encoding audio data using Xiph.Org codecs (FLAC, Speex and Vorbis).

libfishsound by itself is designed to handle raw codec streams from a lower level layer such as UDP datagrams. When these codecs are used in files, they are commonly encapsulated in Ogg to produce Ogg FLAC, Speex and Ogg Vorbis files. Example C programs using liboggz to read and write these files are provided in the libfishsound sources.

For more information on the design and history of libfishsound, see the About section of this documentation, and the libfishsound homepage.



libfishsound is provided under the following BSD-style open source license:

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